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Business Services

Welcome To Sand Tech Connecticut Computer Repair

Your number one source for on-site computer services ! We pride ourselves on providing clients with exceptional computer support at competitive prices !
Invite us into your small business or home office and save 30% off all Sand Tech services during our initial visit !!!

Managed Network Services

We understand that uptime is critical for every organization. Your systems and equipment need to be available at all times so you can focus on managing your business, not your technology.

Imagine never needing to deal with another computer crash, renewing another backup software license, or worrying about whether your firewall is actually keeping your network secure. All of your technology support needs would be taken care of without you thinking twice about it.

At Sand Tech, our Managed IT Services solution provides clients an innovative approach to supporting the information technology needs of their businesses. Our team proactively monitors alerts on your servers, workstations, firewalls, and backup devices.  Monitoring the components of your information technology environment allows us to quickly remedy issues as they occur.  It also helps us anticipate potential issues and make corrections before problems arise.

Managed Services can help create a lower and more predictable IT budget while also reducing the strain on your current IT team. Our Managed IT Services are built specifically for small and mid-sized businesses and are powered by our highly trained Network Operations Center (NOC) team of engineers. We are focused on keeping our clients’ networks running efficiently and securely.



Sand Tech Managed IT Services Portfolio includes: 

• Service Level Agreement: Guaranteed response times
• Cloud Computing: Applications on demand, Scalability, Security, Reduced Management Costs
• Automated Remote Monitoring: Servers and Workstations
• Drive Space Utilization: Servers and Workstations
• Security: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and Patch Management
• Data Backup: Backup Verification and Status Reports
• Reporting: Monthly reports on network trends, security, and performance

Sand Tech Managed IT Services eliminates the traditional reactive approach of “calling for help” or the “break-fix” model of solving your IT problems. With our Managed IT Services, you pay a flat monthly fee making your IT budgeting simple and completely predictable, and you receive proactive support that keeps your information technology systems operational.

On-Site Computer Service & Repair

Call on us to diagnose & repair your existing computer malfunctions, be it software or hardware related. We quickly assess the issues and present you with repair options. Sand Tech also provides computer hardware for all your upgrade needs. Let us rejuvenate your old computer to make it more responsive and improve its functionality well into the future.

* Need an antivirus program installed & professionally configured on your new or old computer system?
* Is your computer secure and protected with the right combination of antivirus and anti-spyware software?

An experienced Sand Tech Field Agent can make your Windows based computer run more securely and eliminate your worries about losing performance or control of your computer to a hacker or spyware advertising company.

Computers New & Old

Do you have a new computer? We can configure and tune up your computer based on your computing needs. Have your computer startup faster, have more available memory after startup, and load programs faster with our System Optimizations. Get the most out of your new computer system !

Do you have an older computer that seems to be operating at a fraction of the speed from the day you purchased it? Have your computer startup faster, have more available memory after startup, and load programs faster. Sand Tech will assess your computing needs in a brief consultation and then give your computer a TUNE-UP, just like a mechanic does to for your car.

Hardware Related Repairs
  • Computer Malfunction – We diagnose, test, & repair/replace faulty system component(s)
  • Computer Upgrade Consultation – We identify the components that can be upgraded inside your PC, then recommend the upgrades that are right for you.
  • Installation Services– We can install, or teach you how to install a newly purchased computer component like a new hard drive or RAM.
Software Related Repairs
  • Install and configure Antivirus software
  • Optimize your system to ensure your computer is performing at peak efficiency
  • Configure your computer to eradicate pop-ups
  • Eliminate Adware and Spyware from your system
  • Teach you the basics of the Microsoft Windows operating system

Sand Tech Computer Repair Offer a variety of contract services.
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Sand Tech offers three different types of contracts sold by the block. The More hours you buy, the more money you will be saving. Why pay a very high hourly rate, call us for a free quote.